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Incepted by Kalpit Ashar and Mayuri Sisodia, MAD(E) IN MUMBAI, is an young international design practice involved with Architecture, Urban Design, Interiors and landscapes. The studio draws from diverse national and international exposure of its principals and their involvement with design academia. It provides comprehensive design services in the fields of Public institutions, high density housing, environmental infrastructure, community design, redevelopment, heritage conservation, interior architecture, landscapes and territorial planning.

MAD(E) IN MUMBAI takes its shape in madness of Mumbai city. This crazy patchwork of ideas, experiences and materiality forms repository and laboratory for the studio. It is a point of beginning for its speculation and practice. The studio works closely with the chemistry of the city to discover potential fields of operation.

The belief of the practice lies in looking beyond the visible for the unseen and for absurdities of things and places. Rather than confirming to good ways of building architecture/cities, it believes in radical approaches that transcend the norms of design. Project challenges such as site constraints, budgets, development regulations, policies and politics are used as opportunities to speculate new urban forms. It is a platform where ordinary and pragmatic reality is elevated to the heights of poetry through imaginative speculation and craftsmanship.

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