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Uncertain Urbanism

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The laboratory for this project is Bora bazaar, a neighbourhood trapped within the central business district of Mumbai. The objective of this project is to predict directions for the possible urban growth of this precinct at the scale of an individual and neighbourhood.The site was tested with various parameterssuch as morphology, density pattern, sustainability and mathematics of growth. After evaluating pros and cons of existing redevelopment process, new strategies were developed which could enable the inhabitants multiple methods of redeveloping their plots keeping their own interest. Finer rules and regulations were formulated to align the growth towards equilibrium. To demonstrate these urban strategies further an alternative typology for housing and infrastructure were developed. The objective of this project was to configure community driven urban renewal through negotiations.






Fort, Mumbai

Housing, retail, amenities,  

offices, infrastructure


1,60,000 Sq. m

Academic work



June 2009

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