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Tunisia Eco-opportunities

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Tunisia, North Africa

Museum,nature healing centre, public bath, bird

century,agricultural gardens

Total area:    


Academic Work

Fort Chilky is surrounded by the waters of Lake Tunis, a natural Lagoon situated between Tunisia and the Mediterranean Sea. This derelict site is an important chapter in the history of the city and is home to vital ecological processes. Our proposal aimed to rejuvenate the experience of this site by activating the edges and main central spine of the Lake.

Through landscape strategy, new public programs are induced along the spine, which include a Museum, Public Baths, Agricultural Gardens and a bird sanctuary. These Programs are imagined as series of circuits that sectionally weave into one another to create a hybrid ecological experience. The landscape creates diverse sectional relationship and different intimate condition with water. It enables a public landscape to the city that enhances the cityscape of Tunisia and sensitively activates the ecology of the site.

56,000 Sq. m

April 2009

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