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The Portable Toilet

How do we design temporary public toilets for large scaled transient events such as festivals, rallies, protests ?

Portable  toilets  are  designed  as an   infrastructure for large scaled public gatherings, events and festivals, or in case of extreme emergencies such natural calamities etc. These toilets are designed as a kit of parts that can be easily assembled within ten minutes. Each toilet block is modular in nature and can multiply to form various configurations for large number of visitors. The toilets are self-sufficient in nature and can be recharged by a plug-in-van. The plug-in-van can empty the sludge, recharge the water and wash the wall fabric. The toilet can be dismantled into small parts that are foldable and can be easily stacked in a compact space. This compact stacking will allow more number of toilets to be accommodated within a truck , making it easier for transportation to the event site.

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