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The Daily Circus

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Kalanagar Traffic Junction, Mumbai

Transport Interchange, Infrastructure,

Public Amenities, Landscape, River Park




50,000 Sq. m

BMW Guggenhiem Lab


Jan 2013

The daily circus is about freedom of movement in the city of Mumbai. It is an attempt to imagine movement not as a utilitarian act in the city but a form of art which celebrates one's everyday experience. Kalanagar is a canvass where varieties of these movements collide to form a harsh landscape. The project is almost like weaving a braid of different modes of commutes with public spaces along the river and smoothening transition in-between them. We call our design as an urban surgery, where the site elements are sensitively articulated to address collision of movements. This urban surgery operates at five precise stages to transform this schizophrenic node into a piece of poetry.

1.Small scale weave: We begin with the small scale first, where we organise existing elements, the islands, road lanes, space beneath Kalanagar flyover, unused land and floating objects of site to comfort the flow of vehicular traffic in all directions.

2.Amalgamated future infrastructure: Here we imagine braiding existing and proposed modes of commute. They include pedestrian flows, Auto rickshaw stand, taxi stand, local bus stands, intercity bus stand, a flyover and metro route proposed by MMRDA. Skywalk becomes an important strand which weaves all of these modes together to form a unified transport interchange.

3.Social infrastructure: This braid is woven further three dimensionally with programs of everyday of sitting, walking, talking, waiting, reading news paper, eating, meeting friends, resting, jogging, buying everyday things, playing, feeding birds, seeing performances, water trails and fitness.

4.Ecological integration: Here we address the river edge and its eco system and its integration with the transport interchange. A river park hinges all of these elements together to form a seasonal park which brings to life different public events with changing rhythms of river/water.

5.Experience: Here we address the human body and its experience of the place. We address the parameters of sound, heat, smell, speed and vision to soften the harsh experience of the place and transform it into a piece of urban poetic.

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