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Symbiotic Urban Commune

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Elphinstone Road, Mumbai

Housing, retail, amenities



15,000 Sq. m

Competition, Evolo


January 2005

This project attempts to address the redevelopment of housing in the Industrial landscape of the city. Its prime endeavour is to facilitate subtle relationships between the various classes residing in one built form. In this project, various communes with their socio-cultural and recreational spaces are integrated in a single super structure as a cluster of communities residing vertically, forming a ‘symbiotic Urban Commune’.

The project attempts to develop new habitat developed by the local communities, addressing questions of identity, locality and sustainability. Different communes share symbiotic relationships through their occupational networks. Events like sports and festivals are imagined as spheres of intersection between different strata. The sale component, rehabilitation component, recreational programs, amenities and open spaces are incorporated in a single super structure as cluster of communities residing vertically forming a ‘symbiotic Urban Commune’.

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