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Revitalisation of Mills

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Elphinstone road, Mumbai

Institution, Offices, Retail, Park



5,000 Sq. m

Academic work


June 2004

In our city starved of public spaces and amenities, this project was an attempt to create a model of public domain in the Mill lands. It endeavoured to strike a balance between different stake holders in the mill lands, the real estate market, the Mill workers, the neighbourhood and the city.

Being in proximity to the Elphinstone Railway

Station, the project offered possibilities of creating a public space integrated with the Railway Station. The building followed a mixed use program consisting of Office buildings, Retail shops, institutional buildings and public programs. Keeping the old historical Mill building intact, an intersecting hybrid circuit was developed which plugged onto the existing building. The project developed a continuous network of public spaces, connecting the Railway station and proposed public park.

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