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Lotus Eye Hospital

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Juhu, Mumbai

Hospital, herbal gardens



2000 Sq. m

The Lotus Trust


August 2009

The project attempts to rethink the typology and experience of a hospital. Traditionally these institutions have been imagined as spaces of Isolation where sickness of the city is housed and closely monitored. These ideas of surveillance are deeply rooted in the insular typology of a hospital. This project is an endeavour to transform this typology into a space of collective healing. The architecture of a Hospital is released to elements of nature, enabling proximity to the cosmic processes.

This corner plot in Juhu is nestled in dense green foliage. The Building follows the sun and wind directions, and weaves through the green foliage. The Built form is sculpted to release patches of therapeutic Gardens, which are always in one’s proximity. The movement is choreographed through the interwoven terraces, offering moments of intimacy with the large trees. The architecture of the hospital disintegrates into experiences of feeling the large trees over time.

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