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Kodinar House

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Kodinar, Gujarat




Sandeep Bhatt

March 2015

The site is part of a large row house scheme located in the city of Kodinar in Gujarat experiencing extremely hot summer and very cold winters. The Bungalow is situated on a corner plot and acts as a node building with varying edge conditions having main road, internal road, green filed and row house on each side. The house is enveloped by a grid of Vertical and Horizontal fins that act as a protective skin in extreme climatic conditions. Each fin is designed to a specific angle in response to solar path in order to control light and shadows within the house. This specific design of fins allows minimum sunlight within the house during summers and maximum sunlight during winters. The house is conceptualized as a monolithic mass having varying voids such as terraces, verandah, patio, balconies etc. an informal extension to every internal program.

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