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Elphinstone Housing

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Lower Parel, Mumbai

Housing, Reatil, Amenities



15,000 Sq. January 2005

Academic Work

The project closely looks at the dynamics of Housing redevelopment in the mill land neighbourhood of the city. The architecture of these housing in post industrial landscape has a difficult challenge of housing different socioeconomic groups together. This project endeavours to develop new imagination of housing typology, which sensitively integrates the different strata of the society.

The sale and the rehabilitation component are configured in one built form and the conflict is addressed through appropriate choreography of their movements. The spaces for the existing chawl dwellers are imagined as an organic street opening into community courtyard around which the clusters of houses are arranged . Informal in between spaces weave through the neighbourhood enabling places for daily encounters. The houses for the sale component are imagined as a bungalows enclosing double storey void, which are located at the two ends of the built form giving spectacular visuals of the city.

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