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Shastri Nagar, Santacruz, 





64.5 Sq. m

Triratna Prerana Mandal

(Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Sanitation)




March 2018


Proposed community toilet at Shastri Nagar, is located along an internal road with houses abutting on all three sides and a small extension on its street facing facade. It also does not have access to specially abled and becomes a space with no light and ventilation because of the surrounding structures.

Design Concept:

The proposed toilet design has a porous upper facade which allows natural light to pour in and exhausts to remove foul smell. Back elevation of the toilet block is designed as a louvered façade to cut visibility of the interior from the neighboring houses and to bring in fresh air. There is a natural ventilation system designed by providing two types of fans at the lower and upper level of the toilet block. These fans create an upward air flow within the building to remove foul smell.  The toilet also allows a caretaker’s room and all the facilities such as water tank, solar panels etc. at the roof level.

The building is imagined as a blue ceramic tiled structure that stands out as a landmark within the dense community fabric.



1. Men and Women’s Toilet

2. Handicap Toilet

3. Solar Panels

4. Caretaker’s Room

5. Incinerator

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