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The Pavement Toilet

23 % of Indians walk to work, how do we address their need for sanitation ?

This typology of a public toilet is designed for pedestrian travellers that are not included  within  the  radius of  toilets built in the amenities, railway and bus stop toilet plots. They are a street toilet typology for  the floating population and do not require a special plot reservation. The typology is a simple  section,  where  the  toilet  is  placed under  the  pavement,  while  the  public program of the toilet is placed above the pavement as a street furniture pavilion. A pavilion with seating and a tessellated roof, together, behaves  as a marker for the pedestrians using the pavement.Two flights of stairs descend into a sunken courtyard with a tree, . Each toilet block too has a small sunken court that brings sufficient natural light and ventilation inside the toilet. Each toilet cubicle opens up to a line of vegetation at the back.

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