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The Urban Toilet

In a city where an average person spends most of the time outside home, What role do the Urban toilets have ? Can they become more than Toilets ?

This project attempts to address public  toilets that are built on plots reserved for amenities. This typology will be the main toilet block for public spaces and cater to a large volume of people. The project releases half of its plot as a triangular plaza, as a spill out field for a large number of people visiting the toilet. The rest of the triangle is designed as a large concrete roof that forms a column free space beneath. An independent concrete skin wraps around the triangular space, to enable privacy, natural light and ventilation. The thick roof also houses a series of skylights that illuminate the toilet through the day. The roof integrates solar system that generates electricity for the toilets. The toilet uses pyrolysis to convert the solid waste into electricity, manure and recycled water. It offers other facilities such as a refreshing room, gender neutral toilets and a changing station for infants.

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