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The Railway Toilet

31 % of Mumbaikars use suburban railways, how do we decongest our stations and design high capacity Toilets for this heavy influx of people ?

The public toilets at a railway station are always located abruptly along the platform, where they obstruct  the commuter’s movement. The project looks at the structural system of the staircase that leads people to the crossover bridges as a potential site for accommodating toilets. The structure of the staircase currently is in the form of multiple  columns that makes the underneath space residual and unusable. The project introduces a new structural system for the staircases in the form of a high spanning steel arch, that, within itself houses the toilets for the commuters. The space of the steel arch is designed like a steel skeleton with infill panels of  stained  glass  to  enable good  ventilation and   privacy at the same  time. The skeleton also incorporates  drinking  water  and  food vending  dispensers to facilitate the commuters.

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