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The Community Toilet

How can the community toilets be designed as community spaces so that the informal communities take ownership of their infrastructure?

This project attempts to imagine sanitation infrastructure within informal settlements as community spaces. Generally, the toilets are designed as utilitarian spaces where human waste is disposed, hence, they are always in a state of neglect and poor hygiene. This project proposes a hybrid typology of the public toilet, where, the mundane infrastructure is merged with a space for children to play, for women to gather and a space for festivals. The hybrid  section houses an amphitheatre above and toilet block underneath. Through the amphitheatre and vachanalaya, the building marries itself with the  city  and community.  Informal  settlements  have limited resources for construction of public toilets. This  project  adopts  low  cost  brick construction techniques that can involve the locals. The building is designed as a brick screen, that allows the toilet to breathe.

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