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Incre (Rental) Communes

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Shopping Mall, Auditorium, Banquet Hall, Hotel  





10,000 Sq. m

Haresh Patel & Partners



Feb 2017

The low income housing and housing for the Economically Weaker Sections of the society is generally planned along the periphery of the city. But these communities have strong ties with the city and are involved in providing essential services to the city. But due to high real estate price of the main city land, these communities are often displaced to fringes and peripheries of the city.

Our site of intervention is located within the Eastern Water Front land of Mumbai. The site is wedged in between the mill lands on one side and Eastern coast on the other side. The redevelopment of mill lands into high end housing and entertainment district, has led to development different kind of infrastructure in this part of the city such as the Eastern freeway, the metro & the mono rail services. A large population of the city travels from the distant suburbs to service the redeveloped mill lands. The site located between Cotton Green & Reay Road station houses these communities in form of Low Cost Housing.

The project develops two types of housing typologies. The Periphery of the plot consists of the high rise rental housing & and the interior of the plot consists of low rise incremental housing. The housing develops a network of interconnected courtyards that weaves the movement between both stations and the Eastern coast. The Amenities and public programs are housed along these courtyards.

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