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Nehru Science Centre

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Crematoriums and death are complex phenomenon in everyone’s life. Removed from our everyday life and hence consciousness, these heterotopias live as spaces of exile in the city. The endeavour of this project was to change the perception of death from a disease to an important and inevitable metabolic activity of life. Banganga crematorium sits at the edge of the Arabian Sea and shares an integral relationship with its neighbourhood. The attempt was to stitch this crematorium to the city through weaving a multidimensional program. The project articulated funeral activities, public gardens and Social programs together in the institution through a sectional diagram. The street edge came alive with raised public gardens overlooking the sea. The edge building housed administrative programs and Funeral programs. A shrine, a Satsang area and a multipurpose platform project out towards the sea. The Pyres sit in the slopping landscape surrounded by stillness of water.



Worli, Mumbai

Exhibition Gallery  



767 Sq. m

Nehru Science Centre


Project Team :            


March 2018

Saurabh Madan

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