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National War Memorial

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Memorial, Park, Exhibition Gallery  



50,000 Sq. m

Competition, Government of India


Project Team :            


October 2016

Uttara Ramakrishnan

Lutyen’s Axis is one of the strong element on site. Following a landscape strategy, the areas of lawn encircling India Gate are released as Public Plaza to enable a place of viewing and gathering for national ceremonies at India Gate. The design consists of four elements. i.e. The observatory of remembrance, War galleries, Memorial park and the ramp that cuts across all the three elements. The observatory of remembrance is located at the centre of the site along the Martyr’s axis. The observatory in the form of a sunken bowl, houses the commemorative wall. The observatory uses movement of the Sun to brighten up names of Martyrs that passed away on the same day. The Circle is surrounded by a sunken square that houses War Galleries of Earth (Army), Water (Navy) & Air (Air force). The observatory is surrounded by Platforms and plinths forming an amphitheatre towards the circle. The periphery of the site is designed as gradually rising Mound. A thin ramp, which forms the axis of the site, cuts through all the elements.

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