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Highway Public Toilets

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Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Public Toilets



120 Sq. m

Pratha Samajik Sanstha


Project Team:    

March 2016

Samriddhi Sharma

The project attempts to design multi-facility toilets along the Eastern Express Highway under Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan. In order to facilitate long distance travellers, the project is designed as a refreshing facility with amenities such as an ATM machine, free WIFI, Shower facility, Changing rooms, mobile charging station, Changing station for mothers with infants and a Sanitary napkin dispenser .The rectangular block is sculpted to form an inviting entrance porch, where one could wait under shade. The Landscape wraps the edge of the toilet. Within the toilet, easy accessibility is enabled for the handicapped visitors. The architecture of the toilets consists of a porous three-dimensional skin that enable ample amount of light and ventilation to the toilets. The blocks following the movement of sun will create various patterns of light and shadows within the inside. The skin is made up of triangular pre-fabricated modules that can be easily mass produced and put together through dry construction. The pre-fabricated modules depending on its height in elevation, create varying shades of privacy. The prefabricated skin also creates a landmark that will be easily visible to highway travellers during day and night.

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