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Kranti Home


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School, Performance Hall, Library, Home & Hostel



2000 Sq. m



Project Team:    

April 2017

Samriddhi Sharma

METT Kranti is a home, a school and an experimental event space for an NGO that empowers girls from red light areas of Mumbai. It is a space where they are trained as innovative, compassionate and resilient leaders that question social norms and bring social change. The building is designed as three slices or sections of home, theatre and hostel, superimposed next to each other. The Central section forms an amphitheatre for different kind of events organised by the NGO with programs of school underneath. The peripheral sections step down towards street to form cascading terrace scape that will form community spaces for Girls. The Veil of Skin wraps around the box to enable filtered natural light and privacy for their everyday lives.

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