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Performance Centre

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Andheri, Mumbai

Audio-Video Recording Studio,

green rooms, Lounge, Cafetaria


5000 Sq. m


March 2010

The project was an endeavour to explore transient quality of architecture. The brief was to design a temporary performance centre which could be dismantled and re-assembled corresponding to different events in the year. The centre was planned to house television shows and audiovisual recording facilities with its support programs.

A large column free space was erected by using temporary steel structure consisting of trussed column, girders, beams, space frame and scaffoldings. A large span enabled a flexible space to build different scales of sets. The roof is formed by stretching tensile fabric over the metal framework. The end walls of the structure house the internal programs of the centre such as green rooms, studios, Lounge, services and administrative spaces. The industrial aesthetic of the centre is blurred by infill of variety of local materials.

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