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Aqueous Terrains

Copyright © 2014 MAD(E) IN MUMBAI, All rights reserved.




Istanbul, Turkey

water infrastructure,

community centre, public bath


Academic work

2,00,000 Sq.m

If you trace the undulating terrains of Istanbul, it reveals to you hidden valleys deeply embedded in the structure of the city. They reverberate with the rhythms of the seasonal water spring, originating in the hilly forests, meandering through diverse communities and dissolving itself in the depth of Marmara. These aqueous terrains are boundaries in themselves, isolated from their own surrounding, segregating communities and their social networks.

Let’s imagine community initiations in these ephemeral and agile landscapes, which listen to the seasonal rhythms of water. These initiations are places where water is collected, purified, circulated and celebrated. And through seasonal celebration of water, the boundaries between communities are blurred. These initiations are catalysts which synchronise rhythms of the spring with cycles of urban life,re- establishing the primordial relationship of man with water.

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